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Wine Cellar in a Convex Castle

VI can drive me NUTS

Towards Articulate Models

Rephrasing the Billboard

Gaussian Auto Embeddings

Everyday I'm (Still) Shuffling

Amdahl's Law

Mean World

Sushi Order Go

Analysis Battle Plan for the Horde

Global Fire

Make Docs

Generators <<- Functions

Gray Coding

Some Agile Maths

Feed Forward Posteriors

Strength, Wits and Sympy

Passive Agressive Algorithms

Simple Data Generation

Vary Very Optimally

Domain Specific Quoting

The Icewind Dale Problem

Shaving with a Sampled Razor

Chair at a Conference

Gradients as a Sampling Alternative

Introducing Kadro

Elimination via Inference

Homogenous Autoencoder UI

Bayesian $\propto$ Streaming Algorithms

Avoiding (Preventing) Joins

Hello DeepQ

Screen Reminder

Sherlock and the Dancing Men Puzzle

Python Able Ton

Blender Trees

Twain Learning

Switching to Sampling in order to Switch

Fluctuating Repetition

Human Entropy

Economies of Warcraft

Pokemon Recommendations, part 2

Sparling Water for Spark(R)

An Introduction to Inference

Biased Randomness to Perfect Fit

Mini TrueSkill Demo

Fun with Asciinema

Lessons from PyData Amsterdam

GG Periodic Highlight

H2o encoders starter

Lego Minifigs = Stochastics + Profit

Bayes-Means Clustering

Ensemble Yourself

Monopoly Simulations

Canvas, Trees and Communities

Custom ML in R

Functional Sampling with Purrr

SparkR just got better

Julia for Loops

Radial Basis Functions

Via Plumbr, R can haz Flask

Intro to Hopfield Networks

Python + Blender Gif

Basic Science Provisioning with Docker

R got good at scraping

Pokemon Recommendations, part 1

Fun Datasets

Giggles with egg.js

Casino Gambling Simulations in R

GGally: Explore all the Things

Local Spark

Simplest TSP Heuristic

Linear Models Solving Non Linear Problems

Shiny and a Usecase for <<-

Variable Selection in Machine Learning

Patsy Formulas from Pandas to Sklearn

R/C++ rand() stenchmarks

Python Cubes in Blender

D3 Format Tutorial

D3 as a Templating Tool

Biased Mercator Maps

Digital Nomad

Amsterdam Housing Hacking

Dynamic Scraping with Python


Word Clouds

Vanity Metrics

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